I miss you already…

Good Afternoon Baby Girl,
You have been unwell this week due to one of your molars coming through. You tried to be your happy normal self in the day time but most things made you sad. At night you would sleep through but cry out in pain. I felt so sad for you that we went walking in the Botanical Gardens and I got you your first vanilla ice cream. I thought you would spill it but you did not miss a single drop. It was an impressive performance. 

You helped Dad with the gardening – one rock at a time.

And you decided that you enjoyed wearing only socks with your nappy.

You made a recovery towards the end of the week and by Saturday you were back to your happy little self. Since then we have been at our beach shack and you love it there with Nonna and Poppy Roo.

You are such a little beach baby that it is hard to get you out of the water. Nonna said she has never seen a baby who walks straight towards the water and into the waves. Nothing worries you.

We have also been shopping and bought some cute little outfits from your favourite shop – Baby Sesame.

You went swimming with Dad in the tea-tree lake and each night you are so exhausted that you lead us to your cot and point that you want to go to bed!

We have the obligatory Babycinos down the street. And you love to have some of my green juice. You have taught yourself to put Tilly on a lead and never stop pottering l. You are one very busy bub (well when you are awake anyway)!

And today I have left you in the caring and capable hands of Nonna and Poppy Roo for three days while Dad and I work. I have never left you for that long and it was very sad this morning.

I am sure you will have the time of your life but I can’t wait to give you a cuddle on Thursday. 

Always be positive, loyal and authentic my Love.

Mum. Xxx



It’s been a while…


Hi Baby Girl,
I hope you are well. I am sorry I haven’t written to you for so long. In the past few weeks we have been to America again and now I am back at work. So I will do a few posts to catch up!

We left Brisbane and headed to LA. This time we were lucky enough to fly business class. You were  amazing as always. Sleeping and playing when you were up. The Virgin staff were great and gave you plenty of attention.

Look at our little Family…

You now call everyone “Emma”, crawl everywhere and are pulling yourself up on everything!  So not yet walking but getting around as easy as can be! 

We flew into LA and stayed the night at the Westin LAX to give you some time to adjust. It was a great idea as we were able to relax by the pool and you could catch up on sleep! 

The next morning we were up bright and early, caught the bus the the airport which left us without your pram bag (Dad managed to get it back somehow), checked in with virgin and went to the lounge which had a banana for your breakfast! Thank goodness! Then on to Chicago. Approx 4 hour flight and you were great. You had a little sleep and played and then we were there. 

When we arrived in Chicago Dad could not believe how different the city looked from when he was there in winter. Beautiful! 

We stayed at the Westin and they looked after us while Dad worked.  We also did some sightseeing at the Willis Tower, some eating as Gino’s East pizza and Francesca’s Italian and went out to the pier for some popcorn. Really lovely city.


See you got the Bib to prove you ate at Francesca’s Italian! 

And you had your first time on a swing in Chicago! Of course the faster you went the better you thought it was.


Then we caught a short flight to New York. We had some issues with the rental car but Dad sorted it out and then we were on our way to East Hampton to visit family friends and your new little friend Jack.

We spent time at the beach in East Hampton with Jack and his mum (Zoe) and dad (Ian). We had a fabulous time you, me and dad.


And we had the best lobster rolls of all time at the restaurant “lunch” in East Hamptom. You very much enjoyed your first taste of lobster!

And of course a little more beach time.

And then we headed back to our apartment in New York City. You were dressed as Minnie Mouse for our tour out to the Statue of Liberty.


It was Father’s Day and very hot with lots of people but in the end it was definitely worth the crowds to get our picture at the Statue.

We walked everywhere in New York City (from  the top where we were staying next to Central Park to downtown and everywhere in between). Highlights included the Empire State Building, the Chelsea markets and oysters at Grand Central station. An incredible experience! 

Then we had flights to catch to Vancouver where dad was working. This flight was long (6 hours) and hard because of the time zones but in accordance with your routine you had your dinner and went to sleep even though we were squished down the back like sardines. 

Whilst dad worked you and I visited our friend Lisa which was lovely…


We went food shopping at our favourite Wholefoods…

And we went to the Aquarium which was incredible…

After our time in Vancouver we had to catch a short flight back to LA which ended up being a good flight even though we were in the last row of the plane! Then a quick shower, some food in the lounge and we were on the big bird back to Aus.

There was a little incident on the way home with a poor man who was half asleep running in to your bassinet but other then that the Virgin staff were good and we arrived home safely.

Until next time my Love,

Mum. Xxx

Fresh Country Air…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well and happy. 

We have had another big couple of weeks with lots of outings and travel.

You have learnt to do the splits! You have not yet mastered crawling and prefer to roll where you need to go – which you are surprisingly good at!

You have also attended another Pilates class. You did some work on the Wonder Chair this time but I think you preferred your time with Nonna and Poppy Roo while Mummy and Daddy did their class.


We caught up with Poppy Roo at Ferry Road for tea and cakes while his defender was being fixed before our big trip to Taree to see your Great Grandmother!


addy had to work in Adelaide so you and I drove down with Nonna and Poppy Roo chauffeured the puppies. Grandpa John looked after Stella and Tilly because he will be going to Taree in a couple of weeks.

The trip went well. You slept, ate and chatted saying “hello”, “dadda” and “mumma”. Daddy flew in to Taree that night to meet us.

Below if a picture of Daddy and Poppy Roo looking over the local Taree area.  


We visited Taree Club where Your Great Nanny has been a Director for over 15 years. We had a lovely meal and tour of the club.

Four generations!!!


And a special picture with your Great Nanny in her beautiful home.

You decided you love peanut butter and Vegemite toast. Look at your bed hair!


This is a flashback to Europe – take us back!

We had a short week with lots of entertaining. Daddy was away on the weekend so you, me and Grandpa John organised everything for Daddy’s birthday party. It was a lovely night spent with lots of family and friends.

We then took Daddy to Stanthorpe for a quick getaway! It was cold but we had a nice fire so we kept warm. We spent many hours walking and you loved being in your backpack on Daddy’s back – you even fell asleep a few times. 


Look how cold it was – we had to keep you in your snow suit!

All the Gear…


Look how high you were!

When we got back we visited Daddy at work before he left to go to Melbourne for the weekend. 


And of course we spent a few hours outside because you love watching the puppies play. We also spent time with Grandpa John down on the jetty fishing. 

And bath time is always a favourite with Daddy. Look at your little rolls in the picture below.

Other then a few days which we think you may have been teething you have been your normal happy self.

My tip for you this week is that while it is important to travel overseas you should also explore Australia. There are so many little towns that get so many things right ie the little local bakery still produces all of their own goodies rather then being mass produced and they also proudly promote Australia’s history which you should know (and we will be taking you to the UK so you understand your UK heritage too).

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx


Sydney Sider…

Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope that you are well. 

We have had a busy week with Grandpa John and the family. Of course you continue to put up with me dressing you in various outfits with matching accessories. Below was a picture taken before we went our for dinner.

Then another of you before we went shopping…


And another before a coffee date with Aunty B…


You tried a little Pilates after spending the afternoon with Nonna and Poppy Roo. Exhausting!


And then we took Grandpa John, Stella and Tilly to the Seaside aka “Surfers Paradise”. It was a lovely afternoon and you fell asleep for most of the walk. The dogs loved it!   

 Then Grandpa John and I decided that it would be nice to have some organic tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and herbs to have in our garden. So we all visited Bunnings and had an afternoon in the yard planting our produce. They looked beautiful when finished and you loved being with us outside in the fresh air (eating grass and dirt).


This is a picture of us with our bits and pieces from Bunnings…

  The next day we took Grandpa John to Ferry Road to buy food for our dinner party with your great Aunty Lyn, and Wendy and Nonna and Poppy Roo.  We had a lovely night and you enjoyed staying up a little the later then usual!


Then we went to Robina for lunch with Nonna, Aunty Lyn and Aunty Wendy. You were so well behaved as always – being handed around and chatting to everyone.

Look how cute you are…


Daddy arrived home from working and you were very happy sitting with him in the front of the car. You miss Daddy when he is working away.  

We then took Grandpa John back to Ferry Road for afternoon tea after he had spent the morning dancing. You met another Charlotte and everyone made a fuss of you!


Next Stop – Sydney! Daddy had to work this weekend and he took us with him! You had a great flight eating your breakfast in the lounge at Coolangatta.

Cabs in Sydney – in the back with Mummy and Daddy!  

Then of course you and I went shopping while Daddy worked hard. We had a lovely afternoon and the shop assistants adored you. On the way to meet Daddy you kept smiling at other pedestrians to get their attention – you received lots of smiles in return. When we met Daddy you were spoilt with lots of cuddles with daddy’s work colleagues. We then had pizza for dinner and an early night! 

We spent the morning with Aunty Lyn, Uncle Paul, Ellena and Liam. Yummy brunch and dog walks were spent in lovely company. We also did a little shopping and mummy was very spoilt by daddy!  

Us in the big kids chair…


Love Heart Pants…


Nap time at the Westin with dad before dinner at Ms G’s with friends – of course you slept through it.

Today we visited Daddy at his special office with a beautiful view and everyone have you lots of cuddles. You loved the Attention! And on the way back to the Airport where we are now!

My tip for you this week is the ask questions, lots of questions. If you don’t understand something – ask so that you are always growing as a person.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx 

Baby Aussie in Spain…

Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope that you are well and happy. I know that it has been quite a while since I have updated your blog. We have been so busy traveling and eating and spending time with family and friends. 


We travelled with Emirates in business class which was very special. You had a bassinet which was great until we had to get you out of it because there was turbulence (this was annoying). You were so well behaved and slept a lot of the flight. Poppy Roo and Nonna came to visit and otherwise the flight was uneventful. You even got a photo with the emirates flights hostesses – you were quite a hit.

We arrived in Barcelona and settled in. You slept through the first night. Daddy and I were so happy! We visited all of the sights in Barcelona like the La Sagrada Familia and started our food journey! (And your obsession with gelato and bread).


Next stop! We flew with vueling to Naples from Barcelona. It was short flight and you were perfect. Our transfer from Naples to Positano was via the Pompeii Ruins. They were amazing!

We then arrived at Positano – Incredible and very beautiful! We spent one of our days on a private boat swimming in the Med and eating lunch at a beautiful seafood restaurant only accessible by boat. You loved the boat and slept most of the trip after having pictures taken with the captain.

The food, views and everything about Positano was amazing! We will be back!


Then back to Barcelona where we picked up the big Mercedes “A Team Van”. On to Tarragona which was nice to see. We went via Playa Bara where Daddy used to camp when he was a boy – it was very cute and hopefully we can take you back there to stay sometime.

When then drove to Madrid and walked around the city (obviously you were in your pink bugaboo). We visited the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. Both were incredible and you also loved the flower display at our hotel!


We visited the Oldest Restaurant in the World. Crazy!


We also spent some time at the roof top pool and bar. Stunning!


We were also lucky enough to visit the best restaurant in Madrid. You decided that you wanted to be a part of the whole meal and stayed up until 1am!


This was us at the Royal Palace!


And another…


And another at the pool…


We then visited the Aqua Duct at Segovia – incredible that the Romans developed these ducts to carry water (you weren’t too interested in the architecture).


We then made our way to Toledo for lunch. Cute little walled village and dad enjoyed pushing you around the hills and cobble stones.

We had a night in Grenanda and had amazing accomadation and a great meal! We wished we had stayed there longer.

Then on to beautiful Ronda for some R and R. There was a festival on so there were horses everywhere! As well as people dressed in flamenco! Fantastic! We visited a crystal clear water hole (freezing but lovely) and you enjoyed the trees.


After Ronda we drove to La Linea and walked across the air strip to get to “the Rock” aka Gibraltar and Grandpa John! It was so nice to see him and Shirley who were on a cruise. 


We then went on a car tour (after some canny bargaining from mummy and daddy) and looked over to Morocco! 


Then we went into a cave, saw the tunnels that were used in the war and of course we saw the monkeys. You enjoyed your time in Gibraltar.


And this was all of us with Grandpa John’s boat in the background!

Then… We visited Meryn and Michelle in Sevilla. We went to the Palace and just had a lovely time eating, exploring and catching up. Amazing flamenco show which you loved (while eating your bread).


This was you eyeing off Nonna’s churros!


We were then lucky enough to visit an Iberico Ham Factory in Jabugo. Best pork I have ever eaten and your dad worked wonders with his Spanish translation skills.


Then we stayed at a convent in Cadiz. Hardest hotel to find but lovely when we arrived. Monks shared the accomadation!


Then we made our way to Lisbon in Portugal for one night. We loved Portugal but you had decided that you would prefer to sleep that night! The next day we had lunch in Porto which was also lovely and you have dad a great nappy to change here!

Then on to Santiago De Compestela – where the pilgrims finish their walk. We stayed in he Hospederis opposite the St James Catedral. Amazing! (And quite difficult to get to when driving but Daddy and Poppy Roo had it covered). We all got to experience Percebes that night and they were yummy!


St James Catedral…


Then… daddy did a stella drive and Aunty A didn’t eat all day and we arrived in Bilbao and visited the Guggenheim. It was interesting. Missed out on the Soccer but we will go another time!


With daddy on the balcony…


With me, you, and “Puppy”…



We then visited a little fishing village called Lekeito where the ladies sell their husbands catch at the port. Such a cute little village. You enjoyed watching the fisherman unload their boats.


Then we caught up with Helen, Richie and Ewan (the craggs) in San Sebasti├ín. Beautiful!  We watched Richie surf, the boys played, girls shopped and we had a great time here!


We visited Mugaritz / the third best restaurant in the world!


And you shopped at the boutique that made Princess Charlotte’s first outfit!


So cute…


(Everyone in Lekeito).


All of us in San Sebastián!


We visited the Witches caves near the border of Spain and France and got to taste meats cooked on a grill that used a pulley system!


In the caves!


We then visited Biarritz in France. So beautiful I think I could live here. We had a coffee at the oldest building in Biarritz – so cute and had dinner at a stunning smokehouse!

Coffees in Biarritz…

And another…  

We had all gone a bit crazy by the time we visited Pamplona and the street that has the running of the Bulls!


Poppy Roo…

Then Beauiful Zaragoza – such a cute place and again we wished we had stayed longer.


Still dreaming of Positano.

Nonna was very stressed and didn’t think daddy would get us to the airport on time but he did and then we had three flights back home to Australia. You were great and it was quite a pleasant flight.


Home again and took a few days for you to be back on Aussie time but you are set now. In the big cot, in your own room and eating solids!

We have been to the Markets a few times which you enjoy.


You have obviously had several different outfits.

We have enjoyed many hours of playtime…

And Nonna has already purchased you some outfits since being back (leopard onesie below).

You also have new headbands which you love!

And another…

Us dressed up for shopping in your room…


And with all the ladies for curry night last night!

Blue eyes…

Playing in the grass with Tilly…

And you with your pink bow.

My tip for you this week is that if you travel – please travel properly and really experience the culture by speaking with the locals, eating the local food and living their lifestyles – it is important.

All my Love,

Mum. X


Family Vacations…


Good Morning Baby Girl,
I hope that you are happy. I have been a bit slow writing this weeks post so I have a lot to catch up on! 

Whilst we were still in San Diego we visited John and Maria Assaraf. You enjoyed the night and loved spending time with John and Maria and especially Maria’s mother who kept calling you Guadita (not sure how to spell) which means Chubby! Lol

The next day we visited the San Diego Zoo. It was a beautiful zoo and we saw the elephants, pandas, a mummy hippo feeding her baby hippo (who had milk all over his face) and teaching him to swim (which a lady had waited several days to see). 

After the zoo we went for dinner at Eddie V’s in La Jolla (pronounced Hoya) for dinner and ice cream. We also visited the wild seals on the beach. It was amazing that you could be so close to them! Eddie V’s is a very fancy restaurant and we had the table with the best view! 


Next stop was back to LA! We did a bit of shopping the first night at the Beverley Centre and had an early night (you were a bit sick of the late nights). So we took you home and you enjoyed playing with the teddy bear that the lovely people at the Sofitel gave to you.


Dad had to pop into work the following morning so I waited with you in the car so you could rest up. Then we had an amazing lunch at Nobu in Malibu – spectacular views and food to match! You stayed awake for most of the lunch and then had a little sleep.

We then visited the Santa Monica pier and headed back to the Sofitel, Beverley Hills to get changed for dinner at SUR. We were able to walk to the restaurant, via Bel Bambini (beautiful baby shop). We arrived at SUR and it was just like the reality television show “Vanderpump Rules”. Katie was our waitress and she was great!


The next day we did a spot of shopping at Bel Bambini (Dad wouldn’t let me go too crazy). Then we had lunch at Ivy. You had definitely had enough of this eating out lark and so we had a quick lunch then home for a sleep. We popped into the Century 21 shopping centre so Daddy could test drive a Tesla (powerful electric car). Judging from his facial expression I would say we will have one soon! 

Then we picked up our bags, dropped the hire car back and checked in for our flight. There was a mix up with our tickets and you nearly didn’t get a bassinet which would have been disastrous! Two kind gentleman offered to swap seats which was lovely. You slept all the way (because we left at night time). 

We arrived in Sydney early in the morning but luckily Daddy had booked a room for us at the Westin. You fell asleep while Daddy did some work in the foyer.


We rested and shopped in Sydney while Daddy worked and then we picked him up and headed to the airport.

   You slept the whole flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast and after having some cuddles with Nonna and Poppy Roo you slept through the night. You woke up a little early but after some food went straight back to sleep.

We went to the beach with the whole tribe the following day (Stella and Tilly and Aunty A were very happy to see you).


Last week we had coffee with the Mothers at Mother’s group, Susie and we also had some time at home. Daddy was away working for most of the week so we had to send him lots of pics of you. Here are some of your outfits – including your first bow!


Saturday was a special day as Aunty A celebrated 10 years since her last radiation treatment. It was a lovely night and Nonna and Poppy Roo excelled themselves with the food! You had your party dress on of course! 


We then beached with the puppies and it was a Beautiful day! Next week should be very exciting as we are off to Europe with Daddy, Nonna, Poppy Roo and Aunty A!

My tip for you this week is to make sure you read plenty of books in your lifetime – there is nothing better then immersing yourself in a book and physically turning the pages (hopefully books will still be in existence when you read this). 
All my Love,

Mum. Xxx

Baby Abroad…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well and happy. This week has been huge for you. 

Last Thursday we left home at 4:00am, dropped Stella and Tilly to Nonna and Poppy Roos, then to the airport. 6:00am flight to Sydney, then a visit to the Etihad lounge at Sydney then on the plane to the United States of America.


Unfortunately, we had to wait on the Tarmac for an hour so Dad and I kept you amused until we took off. You ears were fine going up and you went to sleep for a couple of hours in the bassinet. Then you were awake for several hours and dad and I kept trying to get you to go back to sleep but you wouldn’t! (Everyone had told us to try to get you straight on to USA time) Then on the dot at 7:00pm Australian time you fell asleep for the rest of the flight. So dad and I think next time we will just keep you on the normal time until we arrive in a different country. Your ears were fine landing and a lovely lady from Dubbo offered to babysit you while we had our breakfast.

We arrived in LA around 6:00am American time. I had a few issues with my visa (you can ask Dad about this) and met some lovely Qantas hostesses. We collected our bags, picked up our car (Dad thought we could all fit into a smart car but I talked some sense into him) and off we went to the Westin at the airport.


Daddy had a meeting and we rested and then we all went to the Griffith Observatory (picture below – can you see you the Hollywood sign in the background?). It was a stunning afternoon and we got some great pictures with you. We weren’t sure how you would be with the different time zones but you had bath time around 7:00pm, had your milk and fell asleep (and slept all night until 9:00am).


The next morning we woke up and drove to San Diego. The drive should have taken 2 hours but due to traffic took closer to 3. We arrived at the Westin in the Gaslamp district, dropped off our bags and headed to a Mexican place for lunch – yum! 

Then we headed to a shopping centre which is located right next to the Mexican border (Dad said it was the closest we would get to Mexico under his watch). We got you a few little bits and pieces then headed back to the Hotel.


You slept until 8:00am! We had a lovely breakfast and then went for a walk around San Diego. Lots of people stopped us to comment on how beautiful you are – you loved the attention. Then tonight we went to The San Diego Padres baseball game! You fell asleep half way through but enjoyed the rest of it (and even got a pin because it was your first game!) and the Padres won! 


My tip for you this week is that people will tell you many things but actions speak louder then words.


Until next week – Stay Safe Baby Girl.

All My Love,

Mum Xxx