One Month…



Good Morning Baby Girl.


Dad and I are at One & Only – Hayman Island. You are spending time with Nonna and Poppy Roo. We are having a little holiday to celebrate my 30th birthday. Nonna has kept us involved in your movements informing us that you are having a wonderful time and that you have successfully used the potty on several occasions. Very Impressive.


We had my 30th birthday last week and you were the life of the party walking around cuddling all of our family and friends. You definitely aren’t shy.¬†We also had Grandpa Johns 74th birthday party at our house which involved fishing, swimming and pizzas. Very relaxed.


And now we only have one month to go until your baby brother arrives. In the month before you arrived Dad and I were so excited to meet you. This time, with your brother, it almost seems overwhelming. We are excited to meet him, scared and nervous all at once. Have we had enough time with you by yourself, will you be upset when the bub arrives, how will we make sure we still give you all of the attention you need in that first month when so much attention and time will be on the new bub???


You love kids and I am sure you will be the best of friends when little bro is older but I just hope you are ok because you are the most beautiful child a mother could ever wish for. We have so much support so I know that everything will be fine but it is scary wandering into the unknown.


I have spoken to many mothers who had babies close together. They tell me it can be difficult in the first few years but that after that time it is wonderful – with their kids growing up as best friends.




I know all of these feelings are probably unwarranted but I just hope that you will be ok.


All My Love,


Mum. Xxx


Happy New Year…

Good Morning Baby Girl,

It has been a long time since I have written a post! I have been back at work part time for 4 months and you have had your first birthday. We made it through the first year! 
You had a wonderful birthday party with ponies and face painting. Daddy is worried that you will now want a pony to keep in our backyard!

Your baptism was the very next day and you were extremely well behaved. You actually wanted to swim in the bowl of water. You were surrounded by only the closest of friends for this special ceremony.

Christmas was beautiful. We spent it with family and friends while staying with Nonna and Poppy Roo. 

Grandpa John and your great Nanny were also there and loved the many special moments with you. 

You were given a teepee from Nonna and Poppy Roo and you enjoy reading and relaxing in there on the panda seat that Aunty A gave to you for Christmas. 

You also very much enjoyed your walks to the beach each morning and spent your time in the waves under the close supervision from myself or Nonna.
You started walking just after your first birthday and now you don’t crawl at all. You are very independent and love understanding how things work. 

You have 5 teeth but have been getting another one at the front and a molar at the back for the past week or so. You are in pain but continue to be happy in the daytime and only get upset at times during the night. 

You are an incredible little human and I love watching you grow each and every day.
And soon you will have a baby brother. He is due to arrive at the end of March (2016). I know you will be a wonderful big sister.

Being back at work part time has been interesting but of course I miss you and can’t wait to see you when I get home from work each day. It is difficult to manage work on top of everything else particularly when Daddy is away but we all manage.

All my Love (and I promise to try to be more consistent this year with my posts!)

Mum. Xxx

It’s been a while…


Hi Baby Girl,
I hope you are well. I am sorry I haven’t written to you for so long. In the past few weeks we have been to America again and now I am back at work. So I will do a few posts to catch up!

We left Brisbane and headed to LA. This time we were lucky enough to fly business class. You were  amazing as always. Sleeping and playing when you were up. The Virgin staff were great and gave you plenty of attention.

Look at our little Family…

You now call everyone “Emma”, crawl everywhere and are pulling yourself up on everything!  So not yet walking but getting around as easy as can be! 

We flew into LA and stayed the night at the Westin LAX to give you some time to adjust. It was a great idea as we were able to relax by the pool and you could catch up on sleep! 

The next morning we were up bright and early, caught the bus the the airport which left us without your pram bag (Dad managed to get it back somehow), checked in with virgin and went to the lounge which had a banana for your breakfast! Thank goodness! Then on to Chicago. Approx 4 hour flight and you were great. You had a little sleep and played and then we were there. 

When we arrived in Chicago Dad could not believe how different the city looked from when he was there in winter. Beautiful! 

We stayed at the Westin and they looked after us while Dad worked.  We also did some sightseeing at the Willis Tower, some eating as Gino’s East pizza and Francesca’s Italian and went out to the pier for some popcorn. Really lovely city.


See you got the Bib to prove you ate at Francesca’s Italian! 

And you had your first time on a swing in Chicago! Of course the faster you went the better you thought it was.


Then we caught a short flight to New York. We had some issues with the rental car but Dad sorted it out and then we were on our way to East Hampton to visit family friends and your new little friend Jack.

We spent time at the beach in East Hampton with Jack and his mum (Zoe) and dad (Ian). We had a fabulous time you, me and dad.


And we had the best lobster rolls of all time at the restaurant “lunch” in East Hamptom. You very much enjoyed your first taste of lobster!

And of course a little more beach time.

And then we headed back to our apartment in New York City. You were dressed as Minnie Mouse for our tour out to the Statue of Liberty.


It was Father’s Day and very hot with lots of people but in the end it was definitely worth the crowds to get our picture at the Statue.

We walked everywhere in New York City (from  the top where we were staying next to Central Park to downtown and everywhere in between). Highlights included the Empire State Building, the Chelsea markets and oysters at Grand Central station. An incredible experience! 

Then we had flights to catch to Vancouver where dad was working. This flight was long (6 hours) and hard because of the time zones but in accordance with your routine you had your dinner and went to sleep even though we were squished down the back like sardines. 

Whilst dad worked you and I visited our friend Lisa which was lovely…


We went food shopping at our favourite Wholefoods…

And we went to the Aquarium which was incredible…

After our time in Vancouver we had to catch a short flight back to LA which ended up being a good flight even though we were in the last row of the plane! Then a quick shower, some food in the lounge and we were on the big bird back to Aus.

There was a little incident on the way home with a poor man who was half asleep running in to your bassinet but other then that the Virgin staff were good and we arrived home safely.

Until next time my Love,

Mum. Xxx

High Tea for Me…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

We have had a wonderful week which included a beautiful high tea with the other mothers in our mothers group.

It was held at QT Resort and there were many special treats both savory and sweet.  

You and your friends were so well behaved. You chatted, had some snacks and then all played together. It was lovely!

My tip to you in this post is to make sure that you take time out to pamper yourself occasionally and spend quality time with your friends. 

It’s important because otherwise you get caught up in day to day life and before you know another year has passed.

Oh and of course it is important to have fun, dress up and wear your heels.

Enjoy yourself Baby Girl.

All My Love,
Mum. Xxx

Fresh is Best…

Good Morning Baby Girl!

Today you had your first green smoothie. You loved it! Then after your smoothie we went to Flannerys to buy our groceries for the week. 

My advice for you this week is that you should try to eat organic foods because you do not know what is being put in any food that is not organic.  Fresh and natural is always best!

The past week we have had coffee dates…

And shopping dates…

And visits with Nonna, Aunty A and Poppy Roo at our Christmas in July Party.

Cooking sessions with Grandpa John supervising…

And of course lots of cuddles…

Because Dadda has been home all week!!!  

You say lots of Mumma’s now even though you first word of choice was Dadda!

We did your regular food prep…

You are eating and loving your main course of vegetables and dessert of stewed apple, pear and raspberry.

And playtime with the puppies is still a favourite.

Speak soon my Love,

Mum. Xxx

Sydney Sider…

Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope that you are well. 

We have had a busy week with Grandpa John and the family. Of course you continue to put up with me dressing you in various outfits with matching accessories. Below was a picture taken before we went our for dinner.

Then another of you before we went shopping…


And another before a coffee date with Aunty B…


You tried a little Pilates after spending the afternoon with Nonna and Poppy Roo. Exhausting!


And then we took Grandpa John, Stella and Tilly to the Seaside aka “Surfers Paradise”. It was a lovely afternoon and you fell asleep for most of the walk. The dogs loved it!   

 Then Grandpa John and I decided that it would be nice to have some organic tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and herbs to have in our garden. So we all visited Bunnings and had an afternoon in the yard planting our produce. They looked beautiful when finished and you loved being with us outside in the fresh air (eating grass and dirt).


This is a picture of us with our bits and pieces from Bunnings…

  The next day we took Grandpa John to Ferry Road to buy food for our dinner party with your great Aunty Lyn, and Wendy and Nonna and Poppy Roo.  We had a lovely night and you enjoyed staying up a little the later then usual!


Then we went to Robina for lunch with Nonna, Aunty Lyn and Aunty Wendy. You were so well behaved as always – being handed around and chatting to everyone.

Look how cute you are…


Daddy arrived home from working and you were very happy sitting with him in the front of the car. You miss Daddy when he is working away.  

We then took Grandpa John back to Ferry Road for afternoon tea after he had spent the morning dancing. You met another Charlotte and everyone made a fuss of you!


Next Stop – Sydney! Daddy had to work this weekend and he took us with him! You had a great flight eating your breakfast in the lounge at Coolangatta.

Cabs in Sydney – in the back with Mummy and Daddy!  

Then of course you and I went shopping while Daddy worked hard. We had a lovely afternoon and the shop assistants adored you. On the way to meet Daddy you kept smiling at other pedestrians to get their attention – you received lots of smiles in return. When we met Daddy you were spoilt with lots of cuddles with daddy’s work colleagues. We then had pizza for dinner and an early night! 

We spent the morning with Aunty Lyn, Uncle Paul, Ellena and Liam. Yummy brunch and dog walks were spent in lovely company. We also did a little shopping and mummy was very spoilt by daddy!  

Us in the big kids chair…


Love Heart Pants…


Nap time at the Westin with dad before dinner at Ms G’s with friends – of course you slept through it.

Today we visited Daddy at his special office with a beautiful view and everyone have you lots of cuddles. You loved the Attention! And on the way back to the Airport where we are now!

My tip for you this week is the ask questions, lots of questions. If you don’t understand something – ask so that you are always growing as a person.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx 

Tiny Camper…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well.

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog because we have been so busy! Nonna looked after you while Dad and I went to a ball. (You slept the whole time – Nonna was upset as she was looking forward to cuddles).

Lotte 40

Then we had Aunty A come to stay while Dad went to Sydney for work. Aunty A and I bought you some sunglasses and when we put them on you we were not allowed to take them off!

Lotte 41

We also went for swims in the pool which you enjoyed – as long as the sun was not in your eyes!

Lotte 39

When Dad arrived home from Sydney you were very happy to see him and we were then able to start getting ready for our big camping adventure! We head out to Coombadja which is inland from Grafton. We normally go with quite a few families for Easter but this year it was us and Nonna and Poppy Roo. Aunty A had to work so she was not able to come either. We go to this property because Poppy Roo’s friend owns it and Poppy Roo has some Wagyu cattle on the property. It is great for kayaking and swimming as it is on the Mann River. Dad also proposed to me there and said one day he would like to take our children there – and this year we did!

Lotte 35

There is a lot of preparation to go camping but it is definitely worth it! Nonna and Poppy Roo went in their tent so they could help us with all of our gear. It is nice not to have any phone signal and to have to walk to the toilet (hole in the ground) and boil water on the fire etc. It makes you appreciate being able to switch a light on when you are at home! You had a bath in a milk crate (just like I did when i was your age). You enjoyed it even though you like to spread out in the big bath now.

Lotte 33

The weather was not great this time but it was nice to spend some quality time with Nonna, Poppy Roo and Dad without televisions, phones and iPads. You had such a nice time in the fresh air and even fell asleep when we had to pack up a day early – you are such a good girl and loved the bunny Rabbit that you received from Nonna and Poppy Roo for Easter.

We are home now and unpacked and repacking ready to go to America on Thursday! Your first overseas trip! I am nervous for you but I am sure that you will handle the trip with ease and probably have less jet lag then me!

Lotte 38

I have two tips for for you this week. Th first is that you should not wait for Friday, for Summer, for someone to fall in love with you etc. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment that you are in. Don’t waste the time you have my Love.

The other is to treat people as you think they should be, because then you will help them become what they are capable of becoming. I think it is important to try to understand people before judging them.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx