So Independent…


Good Morning Baby Girl.
We are home now and even in five days you had grown so much. You enjoyed your time with Nonna and Poppy Roo and made dad and I pay for our absense when we returned. Death stares all round. Thank goodness we are back to normal now!


I bought you your own pair of havaianas yesterday because you try to fit into everyone else’s all day every day. You love them even if they are a little big for you at the moment.

You sit up to the breakfast table with us for toast, banana and milk. Your high chair was so last year. 

You now refuse to eat weetbix. We aren’t quite sure why because it was your favorite. But we will try again soon.

You are also getting quite good at feeding yourself now. Yoghurt is the most successful (and has the least amount of mess).
And of course you continue to love being outdoors with Poppy and Grandpa John. Always helping out with the maintenance and wanting to do everything yourself – so independent. My little baby is growing up to quickly! 
All My Love,
Mum. Xxx


One Month…



Good Morning Baby Girl.


Dad and I are at One & Only – Hayman Island. You are spending time with Nonna and Poppy Roo. We are having a little holiday to celebrate my 30th birthday. Nonna has kept us involved in your movements informing us that you are having a wonderful time and that you have successfully used the potty on several occasions. Very Impressive.


We had my 30th birthday last week and you were the life of the party walking around cuddling all of our family and friends. You definitely aren’t shy.¬†We also had Grandpa Johns 74th birthday party at our house which involved fishing, swimming and pizzas. Very relaxed.


And now we only have one month to go until your baby brother arrives. In the month before you arrived Dad and I were so excited to meet you. This time, with your brother, it almost seems overwhelming. We are excited to meet him, scared and nervous all at once. Have we had enough time with you by yourself, will you be upset when the bub arrives, how will we make sure we still give you all of the attention you need in that first month when so much attention and time will be on the new bub???


You love kids and I am sure you will be the best of friends when little bro is older but I just hope you are ok because you are the most beautiful child a mother could ever wish for. We have so much support so I know that everything will be fine but it is scary wandering into the unknown.


I have spoken to many mothers who had babies close together. They tell me it can be difficult in the first few years but that after that time it is wonderful – with their kids growing up as best friends.




I know all of these feelings are probably unwarranted but I just hope that you will be ok.


All My Love,


Mum. Xxx


Good Morning Baby Girl,

The last two weeks have been a little crazy in our household as Dad has been away. He was in America last week and Sydney and Melbourne this week.

We have had Aunty A to stay. She cooked us some yummy food while she was with us. You sit up to dinner with the adults each night and stir fry is one of your favorites! 

We have been out for lunches and of course played around the house for hours on end. Aunty Julie bought you a little crochet crown and once it was on you didn’t want it removed!


We went for our morning walks with the puppies and Aunty A. You love being in the pouch.  

Lots of swimming!!! You have speedos now so you are very fast in the water. You have taken to jumping from the side of the pool into my arms – very brave.  

You also dressed up for Valentine’s Day and enjoyed the weekend with Dad in between his trips away.  
Poppy bought you a table and chairs for your drawing and painting. I am not sure that you have mastered the drawing but you are getting there.  

Your latest trick is blowing kisses – it is very cute.

You have also decided that you would like to walk everywhere by yourself now – obviously that is not great around cars so Nonna and Dad make sure you are safe.

Jack is only five weeks away and other then you trying to wear his shoes each morning (you wear everyone’s shoes at the moment and pick out which shoes you think I should wear each day) I don’t think you quite understand that you will have a little brother soon.  

You continue to love helping Grandpa John in the garden and sometimes give him advice on how to improve his gardening skills.

You are surrounded by so many people that love you – you are a very lucky lady. 

All my Love,

Mum. Xxx  

I miss you already…

Good Afternoon Baby Girl,
You have been unwell this week due to one of your molars coming through. You tried to be your happy normal self in the day time but most things made you sad. At night you would sleep through but cry out in pain. I felt so sad for you that we went walking in the Botanical Gardens and I got you your first vanilla ice cream. I thought you would spill it but you did not miss a single drop. It was an impressive performance. 

You helped Dad with the gardening – one rock at a time.

And you decided that you enjoyed wearing only socks with your nappy.

You made a recovery towards the end of the week and by Saturday you were back to your happy little self. Since then we have been at our beach shack and you love it there with Nonna and Poppy Roo.

You are such a little beach baby that it is hard to get you out of the water. Nonna said she has never seen a baby who walks straight towards the water and into the waves. Nothing worries you.

We have also been shopping and bought some cute little outfits from your favourite shop – Baby Sesame.

You went swimming with Dad in the tea-tree lake and each night you are so exhausted that you lead us to your cot and point that you want to go to bed!

We have the obligatory Babycinos down the street. And you love to have some of my green juice. You have taught yourself to put Tilly on a lead and never stop pottering l. You are one very busy bub (well when you are awake anyway)!

And today I have left you in the caring and capable hands of Nonna and Poppy Roo for three days while Dad and I work. I have never left you for that long and it was very sad this morning.

I am sure you will have the time of your life but I can’t wait to give you a cuddle on Thursday. 

Always be positive, loyal and authentic my Love.

Mum. Xxx


Daddy Time…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well. 

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks because Daddy has not had to go away to work and you have had some huge milestones. 


You are crawling now and wanting to learn everything. One day you weren’t crawling the next you were off! So we can officially say you started crawling at 8 months of age. 


The same week you have learnt to wave and clap! We sing “if you are happy and you know it” and you start clapping! So very clever.


You watched the Wallabies win the rugby with Dad, Poppy Roo and Grandpa John.

We have also had many social functions including dinners out with friends, dress up parties, picking organic veggies from Poppy Roo’s vegie patch and Sunday lunches with your friends from Mother’s Group.

We also went to the beach with Nonna and Poppy Roo and you decided that you had located a never ending food source being sand. So you just kept eating it!

You were quite happy in your carrier…


Did someone say Doting Grandparents???

Sandy Face…


Daddy and Grandpa John with Stella. It was an absolutely beautiful day!


You and I dressed up as Swans for the party because it was an “s” party theme. Daddy came as Stella your puppy dog.


You partied a little too hard…


So we had to have a rest yesterday so that you could recover (4 hours of sleep later and you have almost recovered). Which leads me to my tip.

My tip to you this week is to get plenty of rest and sleep throughout your lifetime. Your Poppy Roo says “sleep induces sleep”. 

Meaning the more you sleep the more easily you will be able to sleep. Sleep helps you grow and helps you to fight off illnesses. So make sure you get your 7 to 8 hours a night and a nap on weekends (if you can).


Until next time,

All My Love,

Mum Xxx

Baby’s Best Friend…


Good Morning Baby Girl,
Another short post today with some words of wisdom. 

I grew up with animals and love all animals great and small. Daddy and I have had the puppies for most of our relationship – Stella and Tilly. 

You have recognized the puppies all most from birth and they have been your fierce protectors from Day 1 (well Stella has – it took Tilly a little longer).

Be kind to animals baby because they will always give you unconditional love. Your Nonna and Poppy Roo will tell you the many stories of me adopting kittens, using my first pay cheque to buy a puppy called Meka and wanting bee hives at four years of age (these are just a few). And I am sure Grandpa John will tell you the story of your Daddy’s pet bunny rabbit. 

We take the puppies for a walk every morning, sometimes you are in the pram and sometimes you are in your carrier on Daddy’s back. You love the walks and are extremely inquisitive.

You also now have the puppies unde control by swatting them away if they are in your way or just pulling them wherever you want them to go. They are you best friends.

I hope that you will always be surrounded by lots of animals throughout each stage of your life like I was because animals can bring such great happiness to your life.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx

Clash of the Patterns…

Baby Girl, just a quick post. 

Leopard print and zebra stripes should probably not been seen together (just in case you think it might be a good idea in the future). 
You may be able to pull “this look” off at 8 months of age but I’m not sure I would try it at any other age. Keep it simple, black and white are my pieces of choice. And make sure any new purchases will go with current pieces in your wardrobe. Next time I might even give you a little advice on “staple pieces”.

All my Love,

Mum. Xxx