It’s been a while…


Hi Baby Girl,
I hope you are well. I am sorry I haven’t written to you for so long. In the past few weeks we have been to America again and now I am back at work. So I will do a few posts to catch up!

We left Brisbane and headed to LA. This time we were lucky enough to fly business class. You were  amazing as always. Sleeping and playing when you were up. The Virgin staff were great and gave you plenty of attention.

Look at our little Family…

You now call everyone “Emma”, crawl everywhere and are pulling yourself up on everything!  So not yet walking but getting around as easy as can be! 

We flew into LA and stayed the night at the Westin LAX to give you some time to adjust. It was a great idea as we were able to relax by the pool and you could catch up on sleep! 

The next morning we were up bright and early, caught the bus the the airport which left us without your pram bag (Dad managed to get it back somehow), checked in with virgin and went to the lounge which had a banana for your breakfast! Thank goodness! Then on to Chicago. Approx 4 hour flight and you were great. You had a little sleep and played and then we were there. 

When we arrived in Chicago Dad could not believe how different the city looked from when he was there in winter. Beautiful! 

We stayed at the Westin and they looked after us while Dad worked.  We also did some sightseeing at the Willis Tower, some eating as Gino’s East pizza and Francesca’s Italian and went out to the pier for some popcorn. Really lovely city.


See you got the Bib to prove you ate at Francesca’s Italian! 

And you had your first time on a swing in Chicago! Of course the faster you went the better you thought it was.


Then we caught a short flight to New York. We had some issues with the rental car but Dad sorted it out and then we were on our way to East Hampton to visit family friends and your new little friend Jack.

We spent time at the beach in East Hampton with Jack and his mum (Zoe) and dad (Ian). We had a fabulous time you, me and dad.


And we had the best lobster rolls of all time at the restaurant “lunch” in East Hamptom. You very much enjoyed your first taste of lobster!

And of course a little more beach time.

And then we headed back to our apartment in New York City. You were dressed as Minnie Mouse for our tour out to the Statue of Liberty.


It was Father’s Day and very hot with lots of people but in the end it was definitely worth the crowds to get our picture at the Statue.

We walked everywhere in New York City (from  the top where we were staying next to Central Park to downtown and everywhere in between). Highlights included the Empire State Building, the Chelsea markets and oysters at Grand Central station. An incredible experience! 

Then we had flights to catch to Vancouver where dad was working. This flight was long (6 hours) and hard because of the time zones but in accordance with your routine you had your dinner and went to sleep even though we were squished down the back like sardines. 

Whilst dad worked you and I visited our friend Lisa which was lovely…


We went food shopping at our favourite Wholefoods…

And we went to the Aquarium which was incredible…

After our time in Vancouver we had to catch a short flight back to LA which ended up being a good flight even though we were in the last row of the plane! Then a quick shower, some food in the lounge and we were on the big bird back to Aus.

There was a little incident on the way home with a poor man who was half asleep running in to your bassinet but other then that the Virgin staff were good and we arrived home safely.

Until next time my Love,

Mum. Xxx


Daddy Time…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well. 

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks because Daddy has not had to go away to work and you have had some huge milestones. 


You are crawling now and wanting to learn everything. One day you weren’t crawling the next you were off! So we can officially say you started crawling at 8 months of age. 


The same week you have learnt to wave and clap! We sing “if you are happy and you know it” and you start clapping! So very clever.


You watched the Wallabies win the rugby with Dad, Poppy Roo and Grandpa John.

We have also had many social functions including dinners out with friends, dress up parties, picking organic veggies from Poppy Roo’s vegie patch and Sunday lunches with your friends from Mother’s Group.

We also went to the beach with Nonna and Poppy Roo and you decided that you had located a never ending food source being sand. So you just kept eating it!

You were quite happy in your carrier…


Did someone say Doting Grandparents???

Sandy Face…


Daddy and Grandpa John with Stella. It was an absolutely beautiful day!


You and I dressed up as Swans for the party because it was an “s” party theme. Daddy came as Stella your puppy dog.


You partied a little too hard…


So we had to have a rest yesterday so that you could recover (4 hours of sleep later and you have almost recovered). Which leads me to my tip.

My tip to you this week is to get plenty of rest and sleep throughout your lifetime. Your Poppy Roo says “sleep induces sleep”. 

Meaning the more you sleep the more easily you will be able to sleep. Sleep helps you grow and helps you to fight off illnesses. So make sure you get your 7 to 8 hours a night and a nap on weekends (if you can).


Until next time,

All My Love,

Mum Xxx

High Tea for Me…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

We have had a wonderful week which included a beautiful high tea with the other mothers in our mothers group.

It was held at QT Resort and there were many special treats both savory and sweet.  

You and your friends were so well behaved. You chatted, had some snacks and then all played together. It was lovely!

My tip to you in this post is to make sure that you take time out to pamper yourself occasionally and spend quality time with your friends. 

It’s important because otherwise you get caught up in day to day life and before you know another year has passed.

Oh and of course it is important to have fun, dress up and wear your heels.

Enjoy yourself Baby Girl.

All My Love,
Mum. Xxx

Baby’s Best Friend…


Good Morning Baby Girl,
Another short post today with some words of wisdom. 

I grew up with animals and love all animals great and small. Daddy and I have had the puppies for most of our relationship – Stella and Tilly. 

You have recognized the puppies all most from birth and they have been your fierce protectors from Day 1 (well Stella has – it took Tilly a little longer).

Be kind to animals baby because they will always give you unconditional love. Your Nonna and Poppy Roo will tell you the many stories of me adopting kittens, using my first pay cheque to buy a puppy called Meka and wanting bee hives at four years of age (these are just a few). And I am sure Grandpa John will tell you the story of your Daddy’s pet bunny rabbit. 

We take the puppies for a walk every morning, sometimes you are in the pram and sometimes you are in your carrier on Daddy’s back. You love the walks and are extremely inquisitive.

You also now have the puppies unde control by swatting them away if they are in your way or just pulling them wherever you want them to go. They are you best friends.

I hope that you will always be surrounded by lots of animals throughout each stage of your life like I was because animals can bring such great happiness to your life.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx

Clash of the Patterns…

Baby Girl, just a quick post. 

Leopard print and zebra stripes should probably not been seen together (just in case you think it might be a good idea in the future). 
You may be able to pull “this look” off at 8 months of age but I’m not sure I would try it at any other age. Keep it simple, black and white are my pieces of choice. And make sure any new purchases will go with current pieces in your wardrobe. Next time I might even give you a little advice on “staple pieces”.

All my Love,

Mum. Xxx

Fresh is Best…

Good Morning Baby Girl!

Today you had your first green smoothie. You loved it! Then after your smoothie we went to Flannerys to buy our groceries for the week. 

My advice for you this week is that you should try to eat organic foods because you do not know what is being put in any food that is not organic.  Fresh and natural is always best!

The past week we have had coffee dates…

And shopping dates…

And visits with Nonna, Aunty A and Poppy Roo at our Christmas in July Party.

Cooking sessions with Grandpa John supervising…

And of course lots of cuddles…

Because Dadda has been home all week!!!  

You say lots of Mumma’s now even though you first word of choice was Dadda!

We did your regular food prep…

You are eating and loving your main course of vegetables and dessert of stewed apple, pear and raspberry.

And playtime with the puppies is still a favourite.

Speak soon my Love,

Mum. Xxx

Fresh Country Air…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well and happy. 

We have had another big couple of weeks with lots of outings and travel.

You have learnt to do the splits! You have not yet mastered crawling and prefer to roll where you need to go – which you are surprisingly good at!

You have also attended another Pilates class. You did some work on the Wonder Chair this time but I think you preferred your time with Nonna and Poppy Roo while Mummy and Daddy did their class.


We caught up with Poppy Roo at Ferry Road for tea and cakes while his defender was being fixed before our big trip to Taree to see your Great Grandmother!


addy had to work in Adelaide so you and I drove down with Nonna and Poppy Roo chauffeured the puppies. Grandpa John looked after Stella and Tilly because he will be going to Taree in a couple of weeks.

The trip went well. You slept, ate and chatted saying “hello”, “dadda” and “mumma”. Daddy flew in to Taree that night to meet us.

Below if a picture of Daddy and Poppy Roo looking over the local Taree area.  


We visited Taree Club where Your Great Nanny has been a Director for over 15 years. We had a lovely meal and tour of the club.

Four generations!!!


And a special picture with your Great Nanny in her beautiful home.

You decided you love peanut butter and Vegemite toast. Look at your bed hair!


This is a flashback to Europe – take us back!

We had a short week with lots of entertaining. Daddy was away on the weekend so you, me and Grandpa John organised everything for Daddy’s birthday party. It was a lovely night spent with lots of family and friends.

We then took Daddy to Stanthorpe for a quick getaway! It was cold but we had a nice fire so we kept warm. We spent many hours walking and you loved being in your backpack on Daddy’s back – you even fell asleep a few times. 


Look how cold it was – we had to keep you in your snow suit!

All the Gear…


Look how high you were!

When we got back we visited Daddy at work before he left to go to Melbourne for the weekend. 


And of course we spent a few hours outside because you love watching the puppies play. We also spent time with Grandpa John down on the jetty fishing. 

And bath time is always a favourite with Daddy. Look at your little rolls in the picture below.

Other then a few days which we think you may have been teething you have been your normal happy self.

My tip for you this week is that while it is important to travel overseas you should also explore Australia. There are so many little towns that get so many things right ie the little local bakery still produces all of their own goodies rather then being mass produced and they also proudly promote Australia’s history which you should know (and we will be taking you to the UK so you understand your UK heritage too).

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx