I miss you already…

Good Afternoon Baby Girl,
You have been unwell this week due to one of your molars coming through. You tried to be your happy normal self in the day time but most things made you sad. At night you would sleep through but cry out in pain. I felt so sad for you that we went walking in the Botanical Gardens and I got you your first vanilla ice cream. I thought you would spill it but you did not miss a single drop. It was an impressive performance. 

You helped Dad with the gardening – one rock at a time.

And you decided that you enjoyed wearing only socks with your nappy.

You made a recovery towards the end of the week and by Saturday you were back to your happy little self. Since then we have been at our beach shack and you love it there with Nonna and Poppy Roo.

You are such a little beach baby that it is hard to get you out of the water. Nonna said she has never seen a baby who walks straight towards the water and into the waves. Nothing worries you.

We have also been shopping and bought some cute little outfits from your favourite shop – Baby Sesame.

You went swimming with Dad in the tea-tree lake and each night you are so exhausted that you lead us to your cot and point that you want to go to bed!

We have the obligatory Babycinos down the street. And you love to have some of my green juice. You have taught yourself to put Tilly on a lead and never stop pottering l. You are one very busy bub (well when you are awake anyway)!

And today I have left you in the caring and capable hands of Nonna and Poppy Roo for three days while Dad and I work. I have never left you for that long and it was very sad this morning.

I am sure you will have the time of your life but I can’t wait to give you a cuddle on Thursday. 

Always be positive, loyal and authentic my Love.

Mum. Xxx



Happy New Year…

Good Morning Baby Girl,

It has been a long time since I have written a post! I have been back at work part time for 4 months and you have had your first birthday. We made it through the first year! 
You had a wonderful birthday party with ponies and face painting. Daddy is worried that you will now want a pony to keep in our backyard!

Your baptism was the very next day and you were extremely well behaved. You actually wanted to swim in the bowl of water. You were surrounded by only the closest of friends for this special ceremony.

Christmas was beautiful. We spent it with family and friends while staying with Nonna and Poppy Roo. 

Grandpa John and your great Nanny were also there and loved the many special moments with you. 

You were given a teepee from Nonna and Poppy Roo and you enjoy reading and relaxing in there on the panda seat that Aunty A gave to you for Christmas. 

You also very much enjoyed your walks to the beach each morning and spent your time in the waves under the close supervision from myself or Nonna.
You started walking just after your first birthday and now you don’t crawl at all. You are very independent and love understanding how things work. 

You have 5 teeth but have been getting another one at the front and a molar at the back for the past week or so. You are in pain but continue to be happy in the daytime and only get upset at times during the night. 

You are an incredible little human and I love watching you grow each and every day.
And soon you will have a baby brother. He is due to arrive at the end of March (2016). I know you will be a wonderful big sister.

Being back at work part time has been interesting but of course I miss you and can’t wait to see you when I get home from work each day. It is difficult to manage work on top of everything else particularly when Daddy is away but we all manage.

All my Love (and I promise to try to be more consistent this year with my posts!)

Mum. Xxx

Fresh is Best…

Good Morning Baby Girl!

Today you had your first green smoothie. You loved it! Then after your smoothie we went to Flannerys to buy our groceries for the week. 

My advice for you this week is that you should try to eat organic foods because you do not know what is being put in any food that is not organic.  Fresh and natural is always best!

The past week we have had coffee dates…

And shopping dates…

And visits with Nonna, Aunty A and Poppy Roo at our Christmas in July Party.

Cooking sessions with Grandpa John supervising…

And of course lots of cuddles…

Because Dadda has been home all week!!!  

You say lots of Mumma’s now even though you first word of choice was Dadda!

We did your regular food prep…

You are eating and loving your main course of vegetables and dessert of stewed apple, pear and raspberry.

And playtime with the puppies is still a favourite.

Speak soon my Love,

Mum. Xxx

Tiny Camper…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well.

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog because we have been so busy! Nonna looked after you while Dad and I went to a ball. (You slept the whole time – Nonna was upset as she was looking forward to cuddles).

Lotte 40

Then we had Aunty A come to stay while Dad went to Sydney for work. Aunty A and I bought you some sunglasses and when we put them on you we were not allowed to take them off!

Lotte 41

We also went for swims in the pool which you enjoyed – as long as the sun was not in your eyes!

Lotte 39

When Dad arrived home from Sydney you were very happy to see him and we were then able to start getting ready for our big camping adventure! We head out to Coombadja which is inland from Grafton. We normally go with quite a few families for Easter but this year it was us and Nonna and Poppy Roo. Aunty A had to work so she was not able to come either. We go to this property because Poppy Roo’s friend owns it and Poppy Roo has some Wagyu cattle on the property. It is great for kayaking and swimming as it is on the Mann River. Dad also proposed to me there and said one day he would like to take our children there – and this year we did!

Lotte 35

There is a lot of preparation to go camping but it is definitely worth it! Nonna and Poppy Roo went in their tent so they could help us with all of our gear. It is nice not to have any phone signal and to have to walk to the toilet (hole in the ground) and boil water on the fire etc. It makes you appreciate being able to switch a light on when you are at home! You had a bath in a milk crate (just like I did when i was your age). You enjoyed it even though you like to spread out in the big bath now.

Lotte 33

The weather was not great this time but it was nice to spend some quality time with Nonna, Poppy Roo and Dad without televisions, phones and iPads. You had such a nice time in the fresh air and even fell asleep when we had to pack up a day early – you are such a good girl and loved the bunny Rabbit that you received from Nonna and Poppy Roo for Easter.

We are home now and unpacked and repacking ready to go to America on Thursday! Your first overseas trip! I am nervous for you but I am sure that you will handle the trip with ease and probably have less jet lag then me!

Lotte 38

I have two tips for for you this week. Th first is that you should not wait for Friday, for Summer, for someone to fall in love with you etc. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment that you are in. Don’t waste the time you have my Love.

The other is to treat people as you think they should be, because then you will help them become what they are capable of becoming. I think it is important to try to understand people before judging them.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx

Mini Me…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope that you are well.

For a while now people ask your Dad and I where you get your strawberry blonde hair from so this week we compared a photo of you at 3 months to a photo of me at 3 months of age and oh my goodness we look similar! Just after birth you looked a lot like Dad but now I think you are turning into Me! Well you can decide for yourself. Here is the pic!


We spent the weekend in Toowoomba with our good friends, Daddy, Poppy Roo and Nonna. We had a lovely time and you slept peacefully in your little makeshift bed. Toowoomba was in fog for the whole weekend but that did not spoil our time on the mountain.

This week we have moved you from the little bath to the BIG bath and my gosh you love it. You kick, giggle, splash and just have the best time ever! It is such a special time for you and Daddy.


We bought you a little seat this week because you love sitting up and being part of everything. You are so happy when you are in the seat and chat the whole time! We then tried you with your first solid food! First attempt was stewed pears. You were disgusted that I would try to feed you something other then milk! And here is the face to prove it.

We then tried stewed mango and banana yesterday and it was more successful. So we will just keep trying little bits and see how you go!


You grab everything now so I have to be careful otherwise things will be knocked over and I will have no hair left because your aim is very good! When you get hold of Tilly’s hair you do not let go!

Yesterday I organised your wardrobe AGAIN. Look at all of your outfits and that is just for the next few weeks! Yesterday you wore socks and mocks (first picture above) – I think it is a fashion trend that will really take off lol.


We had a lovely time with Aunty A on her day off and of course we had to take some selfies. You definitely aren’t camera shy.


Yesterday you also tried a bit of pilates with Rodney’s assistance. I think you enjoyed it but you preferred cuddles with Nonna and Poppy Roo while I did my pilates exercises.

Lotte 36

My tip to you this week is that you should never change who you are just because you are afraid of losing someone. If they really love you, your imperfections won’t matter. Stay strong Baby Girl.

All My Love,

Mum Xxx.