Summer Holidays at the Beach House…

Good Morning Baby Girl,

This morning I am writing to you from our beach house at Lennox Heads. We have been lucky enough to be down here for nearly three weeks over summer.

Dad and I returned last week after working and even though I missed you so much – I don’t think you even noticed we were gone! You were excited to see us on Friday morning though. And I have been commuting to work so we can stay here. Daddy has some trips to make but he will be back for the weekend!

We had lots of visits from friends which of course you loved. Now that you walk everywhere there is no stopping you!

You have spent hours at the beach. You walk after the seagulls on the beach, you chase the puppies, you swim, you find pippies and you are just the happiest little girl when we are there. Not even the waves worry you!

Your mode of transport is Daddy and you enjoy watching the world go by from you viewpoint up high.

There have been many books read and your new Favourite thing to do is to climb and hook the puppies up to their lead and take them for walks.  
Down the street you savour a small vanilla milkshake while we have our coffees. I can’t believe my little 14 month old sits up to coffee with us!

We have been out for dinner as well and you chat to the staff and guests as if it is your restaurant. To say that you have a personality is somewhat of an understatement.

You have developed a shrill squeal as well which is not the most delightful of noises so we are trying to dissuade you from using this noise as a form or communication. Rather, we are encouraging you to use your “big person” words like “up”, “down” and “ta”. Your vocabulary is developing nicely.

More visitors and you are in your element showing them how to enjoy the beach!

You do not miss any birds that go past nor any planes or helicopters!

And you still like to perform your “sunglasses trick” where you take any sunglasses that you can find and put them on yourself – it is very cute.  
And of course all of the above makes a little lady very sleepy. You have the most peaceful sleeps at the beach house with teddy and lamby.


Family is the most important thing in the world so appreciate every minute you have with them.

All my love, 

Mum. Xxx 


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