Daddy Time…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well. 

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks because Daddy has not had to go away to work and you have had some huge milestones. 


You are crawling now and wanting to learn everything. One day you weren’t crawling the next you were off! So we can officially say you started crawling at 8 months of age. 


The same week you have learnt to wave and clap! We sing “if you are happy and you know it” and you start clapping! So very clever.


You watched the Wallabies win the rugby with Dad, Poppy Roo and Grandpa John.

We have also had many social functions including dinners out with friends, dress up parties, picking organic veggies from Poppy Roo’s vegie patch and Sunday lunches with your friends from Mother’s Group.

We also went to the beach with Nonna and Poppy Roo and you decided that you had located a never ending food source being sand. So you just kept eating it!

You were quite happy in your carrier…


Did someone say Doting Grandparents???

Sandy Face…


Daddy and Grandpa John with Stella. It was an absolutely beautiful day!


You and I dressed up as Swans for the party because it was an “s” party theme. Daddy came as Stella your puppy dog.


You partied a little too hard…


So we had to have a rest yesterday so that you could recover (4 hours of sleep later and you have almost recovered). Which leads me to my tip.

My tip to you this week is to get plenty of rest and sleep throughout your lifetime. Your Poppy Roo says “sleep induces sleep”. 

Meaning the more you sleep the more easily you will be able to sleep. Sleep helps you grow and helps you to fight off illnesses. So make sure you get your 7 to 8 hours a night and a nap on weekends (if you can).


Until next time,

All My Love,

Mum Xxx


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