Baby’s Best Friend…


Good Morning Baby Girl,
Another short post today with some words of wisdom. 

I grew up with animals and love all animals great and small. Daddy and I have had the puppies for most of our relationship – Stella and Tilly. 

You have recognized the puppies all most from birth and they have been your fierce protectors from Day 1 (well Stella has – it took Tilly a little longer).

Be kind to animals baby because they will always give you unconditional love. Your Nonna and Poppy Roo will tell you the many stories of me adopting kittens, using my first pay cheque to buy a puppy called Meka and wanting bee hives at four years of age (these are just a few). And I am sure Grandpa John will tell you the story of your Daddy’s pet bunny rabbit. 

We take the puppies for a walk every morning, sometimes you are in the pram and sometimes you are in your carrier on Daddy’s back. You love the walks and are extremely inquisitive.

You also now have the puppies unde control by swatting them away if they are in your way or just pulling them wherever you want them to go. They are you best friends.

I hope that you will always be surrounded by lots of animals throughout each stage of your life like I was because animals can bring such great happiness to your life.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx


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