Fresh is Best…

Good Morning Baby Girl!

Today you had your first green smoothie. You loved it! Then after your smoothie we went to Flannerys to buy our groceries for the week. 

My advice for you this week is that you should try to eat organic foods because you do not know what is being put in any food that is not organic.  Fresh and natural is always best!

The past week we have had coffee dates…

And shopping dates…

And visits with Nonna, Aunty A and Poppy Roo at our Christmas in July Party.

Cooking sessions with Grandpa John supervising…

And of course lots of cuddles…

Because Dadda has been home all week!!!  

You say lots of Mumma’s now even though you first word of choice was Dadda!

We did your regular food prep…

You are eating and loving your main course of vegetables and dessert of stewed apple, pear and raspberry.

And playtime with the puppies is still a favourite.

Speak soon my Love,

Mum. Xxx


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