Sydney Sider…

Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope that you are well. 

We have had a busy week with Grandpa John and the family. Of course you continue to put up with me dressing you in various outfits with matching accessories. Below was a picture taken before we went our for dinner.

Then another of you before we went shopping…


And another before a coffee date with Aunty B…


You tried a little Pilates after spending the afternoon with Nonna and Poppy Roo. Exhausting!


And then we took Grandpa John, Stella and Tilly to the Seaside aka “Surfers Paradise”. It was a lovely afternoon and you fell asleep for most of the walk. The dogs loved it!   

 Then Grandpa John and I decided that it would be nice to have some organic tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and herbs to have in our garden. So we all visited Bunnings and had an afternoon in the yard planting our produce. They looked beautiful when finished and you loved being with us outside in the fresh air (eating grass and dirt).


This is a picture of us with our bits and pieces from Bunnings…

  The next day we took Grandpa John to Ferry Road to buy food for our dinner party with your great Aunty Lyn, and Wendy and Nonna and Poppy Roo.  We had a lovely night and you enjoyed staying up a little the later then usual!


Then we went to Robina for lunch with Nonna, Aunty Lyn and Aunty Wendy. You were so well behaved as always – being handed around and chatting to everyone.

Look how cute you are…


Daddy arrived home from working and you were very happy sitting with him in the front of the car. You miss Daddy when he is working away.  

We then took Grandpa John back to Ferry Road for afternoon tea after he had spent the morning dancing. You met another Charlotte and everyone made a fuss of you!


Next Stop – Sydney! Daddy had to work this weekend and he took us with him! You had a great flight eating your breakfast in the lounge at Coolangatta.

Cabs in Sydney – in the back with Mummy and Daddy!  

Then of course you and I went shopping while Daddy worked hard. We had a lovely afternoon and the shop assistants adored you. On the way to meet Daddy you kept smiling at other pedestrians to get their attention – you received lots of smiles in return. When we met Daddy you were spoilt with lots of cuddles with daddy’s work colleagues. We then had pizza for dinner and an early night! 

We spent the morning with Aunty Lyn, Uncle Paul, Ellena and Liam. Yummy brunch and dog walks were spent in lovely company. We also did a little shopping and mummy was very spoilt by daddy!  

Us in the big kids chair…


Love Heart Pants…


Nap time at the Westin with dad before dinner at Ms G’s with friends – of course you slept through it.

Today we visited Daddy at his special office with a beautiful view and everyone have you lots of cuddles. You loved the Attention! And on the way back to the Airport where we are now!

My tip for you this week is the ask questions, lots of questions. If you don’t understand something – ask so that you are always growing as a person.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx 


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