Family Vacations…


Good Morning Baby Girl,
I hope that you are happy. I have been a bit slow writing this weeks post so I have a lot to catch up on! 

Whilst we were still in San Diego we visited John and Maria Assaraf. You enjoyed the night and loved spending time with John and Maria and especially Maria’s mother who kept calling you Guadita (not sure how to spell) which means Chubby! Lol

The next day we visited the San Diego Zoo. It was a beautiful zoo and we saw the elephants, pandas, a mummy hippo feeding her baby hippo (who had milk all over his face) and teaching him to swim (which a lady had waited several days to see). 

After the zoo we went for dinner at Eddie V’s in La Jolla (pronounced Hoya) for dinner and ice cream. We also visited the wild seals on the beach. It was amazing that you could be so close to them! Eddie V’s is a very fancy restaurant and we had the table with the best view! 


Next stop was back to LA! We did a bit of shopping the first night at the Beverley Centre and had an early night (you were a bit sick of the late nights). So we took you home and you enjoyed playing with the teddy bear that the lovely people at the Sofitel gave to you.


Dad had to pop into work the following morning so I waited with you in the car so you could rest up. Then we had an amazing lunch at Nobu in Malibu – spectacular views and food to match! You stayed awake for most of the lunch and then had a little sleep.

We then visited the Santa Monica pier and headed back to the Sofitel, Beverley Hills to get changed for dinner at SUR. We were able to walk to the restaurant, via Bel Bambini (beautiful baby shop). We arrived at SUR and it was just like the reality television show “Vanderpump Rules”. Katie was our waitress and she was great!


The next day we did a spot of shopping at Bel Bambini (Dad wouldn’t let me go too crazy). Then we had lunch at Ivy. You had definitely had enough of this eating out lark and so we had a quick lunch then home for a sleep. We popped into the Century 21 shopping centre so Daddy could test drive a Tesla (powerful electric car). Judging from his facial expression I would say we will have one soon! 

Then we picked up our bags, dropped the hire car back and checked in for our flight. There was a mix up with our tickets and you nearly didn’t get a bassinet which would have been disastrous! Two kind gentleman offered to swap seats which was lovely. You slept all the way (because we left at night time). 

We arrived in Sydney early in the morning but luckily Daddy had booked a room for us at the Westin. You fell asleep while Daddy did some work in the foyer.


We rested and shopped in Sydney while Daddy worked and then we picked him up and headed to the airport.

   You slept the whole flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast and after having some cuddles with Nonna and Poppy Roo you slept through the night. You woke up a little early but after some food went straight back to sleep.

We went to the beach with the whole tribe the following day (Stella and Tilly and Aunty A were very happy to see you).


Last week we had coffee with the Mothers at Mother’s group, Susie and we also had some time at home. Daddy was away working for most of the week so we had to send him lots of pics of you. Here are some of your outfits – including your first bow!


Saturday was a special day as Aunty A celebrated 10 years since her last radiation treatment. It was a lovely night and Nonna and Poppy Roo excelled themselves with the food! You had your party dress on of course! 


We then beached with the puppies and it was a Beautiful day! Next week should be very exciting as we are off to Europe with Daddy, Nonna, Poppy Roo and Aunty A!

My tip for you this week is to make sure you read plenty of books in your lifetime – there is nothing better then immersing yourself in a book and physically turning the pages (hopefully books will still be in existence when you read this). 
All my Love,

Mum. Xxx


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