Baby Abroad…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are well and happy. This week has been huge for you. 

Last Thursday we left home at 4:00am, dropped Stella and Tilly to Nonna and Poppy Roos, then to the airport. 6:00am flight to Sydney, then a visit to the Etihad lounge at Sydney then on the plane to the United States of America.


Unfortunately, we had to wait on the Tarmac for an hour so Dad and I kept you amused until we took off. You ears were fine going up and you went to sleep for a couple of hours in the bassinet. Then you were awake for several hours and dad and I kept trying to get you to go back to sleep but you wouldn’t! (Everyone had told us to try to get you straight on to USA time) Then on the dot at 7:00pm Australian time you fell asleep for the rest of the flight. So dad and I think next time we will just keep you on the normal time until we arrive in a different country. Your ears were fine landing and a lovely lady from Dubbo offered to babysit you while we had our breakfast.

We arrived in LA around 6:00am American time. I had a few issues with my visa (you can ask Dad about this) and met some lovely Qantas hostesses. We collected our bags, picked up our car (Dad thought we could all fit into a smart car but I talked some sense into him) and off we went to the Westin at the airport.


Daddy had a meeting and we rested and then we all went to the Griffith Observatory (picture below – can you see you the Hollywood sign in the background?). It was a stunning afternoon and we got some great pictures with you. We weren’t sure how you would be with the different time zones but you had bath time around 7:00pm, had your milk and fell asleep (and slept all night until 9:00am).


The next morning we woke up and drove to San Diego. The drive should have taken 2 hours but due to traffic took closer to 3. We arrived at the Westin in the Gaslamp district, dropped off our bags and headed to a Mexican place for lunch – yum! 

Then we headed to a shopping centre which is located right next to the Mexican border (Dad said it was the closest we would get to Mexico under his watch). We got you a few little bits and pieces then headed back to the Hotel.


You slept until 8:00am! We had a lovely breakfast and then went for a walk around San Diego. Lots of people stopped us to comment on how beautiful you are – you loved the attention. Then tonight we went to The San Diego Padres baseball game! You fell asleep half way through but enjoyed the rest of it (and even got a pin because it was your first game!) and the Padres won! 


My tip for you this week is that people will tell you many things but actions speak louder then words.


Until next week – Stay Safe Baby Girl.

All My Love,

Mum Xxx


5 thoughts on “Baby Abroad…

  1. Yay! Such a wonderful trip for you guys. I love CA. I hope to travel abroad with Dorian, but man… it is darn expensive. Maybe if I see a great flight special. We take her places often, but I would love for her to get to go out of the U.S.


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