Mini Me…


Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope that you are well.

For a while now people ask your Dad and I where you get your strawberry blonde hair from so this week we compared a photo of you at 3 months to a photo of me at 3 months of age and oh my goodness we look similar! Just after birth you looked a lot like Dad but now I think you are turning into Me! Well you can decide for yourself. Here is the pic!


We spent the weekend in Toowoomba with our good friends, Daddy, Poppy Roo and Nonna. We had a lovely time and you slept peacefully in your little makeshift bed. Toowoomba was in fog for the whole weekend but that did not spoil our time on the mountain.

This week we have moved you from the little bath to the BIG bath and my gosh you love it. You kick, giggle, splash and just have the best time ever! It is such a special time for you and Daddy.


We bought you a little seat this week because you love sitting up and being part of everything. You are so happy when you are in the seat and chat the whole time! We then tried you with your first solid food! First attempt was stewed pears. You were disgusted that I would try to feed you something other then milk! And here is the face to prove it.

We then tried stewed mango and banana yesterday and it was more successful. So we will just keep trying little bits and see how you go!


You grab everything now so I have to be careful otherwise things will be knocked over and I will have no hair left because your aim is very good! When you get hold of Tilly’s hair you do not let go!

Yesterday I organised your wardrobe AGAIN. Look at all of your outfits and that is just for the next few weeks! Yesterday you wore socks and mocks (first picture above) – I think it is a fashion trend that will really take off lol.


We had a lovely time with Aunty A on her day off and of course we had to take some selfies. You definitely aren’t camera shy.


Yesterday you also tried a bit of pilates with Rodney’s assistance. I think you enjoyed it but you preferred cuddles with Nonna and Poppy Roo while I did my pilates exercises.

Lotte 36

My tip to you this week is that you should never change who you are just because you are afraid of losing someone. If they really love you, your imperfections won’t matter. Stay strong Baby Girl.

All My Love,

Mum Xxx.


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