Daddy’s Little Girl…

Lotte 15

Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope that you have been well.

We had a nice week together. Dad was away for most of the week so we visited Nonna (picture below) and Poppy Roo which was lovely but I think you liked it when Dad got home. You had lots of smiles for him when you woke up that morning! You have turned into a real “Daddy’s Girl” and when he gets home from work you are so happy to see him and the smiles do not stop.

Lotte 14

We are off to the Hunter Valley this weekend. It will be your first flight and I am very nervous for you! Eek! I hope you like the plane and that your ears do not hurt. All the other mothers assure me that we will be fine and we will have Dad, Poppy Roo and Nonna to help us so I am sure that we will have a great trip. Dad and I have had to decrease our luggage so that we can add all of your outfits!

Today you are going to spend time with Aunty B while I get my hair done. She cannot wait to see you. You love Aunty B and I am sure you will be spoiled.

Lotte 16

My tip for you this week is to have no regrets. Just imagine you are 99 years old and you are on your death bed, and you are sad and disappointed with the past, full of regrets about how you lived your life. All of a sudden you have a chance to come back to RIGHT NOW. What would you do? Whatever your answer is, is what you should be doing RIGHT NOW. GO AND DO IT.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx


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