Lotte 11

Good Morning Baby Girl,

You have been such a good girl over the past week.

It was Mummy’s birthday last Wednesday and therefore you and I had many engagements starting with Mother’s group on Wednesday morning. The mummies had written a lovely birthday card for me and an extra special mummy had made us some salted caramel biscuits – they were delicious! You have started to notice all of the other bubs at the group and you had your special party outfit on for the occasion (below) and received many compliments.

Lotte 12

We then picked up Dad and were surprised by Nonna and Poppy Roo at a Restaurant at Marina Mirage where we had a lovely seafood lunch. We then met your Aunty B for coffee and cake and then it was time to head home so that you could catch up on some zzzz’s. It was my first birthday with you and you made it so very special (Dad even gave me the card that you wrote for me).

The weather was not great on Friday so we went shopping and had a lovely morning together. We bought you the little suit at the top of the page which you love (look at your smile). You again received many compliments on your outfit (below) and you did not stop smiling (except when you fell asleep) for the entire trip.

lotte 8

Yesterday, we went out for lunch with friends and you were a show stopper, chatting, sitting, watching, sleeping and enjoying the experience. Then last night we had a birthday party to attend. You enjoyed your time there and fell asleep in the car on the way home like a little Angel.

The title of my post today is “hello” as that is the first word you spoke. I have been talking to you since birth and could not work out what you were trying to tell me until this week. But now I understand and I was lucky enough to be able to film our conversation. We are now working on other words like “Mummy” and “Daddy” which I am sure you will master in no time. You concentrate so well during our chats!

You have also started “grabbing” things and picking them up which is another great skill that you have taught yourself. You are still sleeping and eating well which your dad and I are very grateful for.

The weather has now improved and there is no need for your rain shelter to be on your pram during our morning walks with Daddy, Stella and Tilly (you are very happy about that as you enjoy looking around at the world).

On Saturday we bought you a second pram for our upcoming trip to Spain. It is the Steelcraft Agile and it is a bit lighter and more compact then your Bugaboo Chameleon which will make it so much easier to travel with. You had a practice run in it on Saturday and all went well!

lotte 3

My tip this week is that there is no point worrying about things that you cannot control. “Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but gets you nowhere” (Glenn Turner). Focus on the things you can control and solve any problems when they arise.

I had better go now as I think I can hear you calling me.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx


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