As Pretty as a Princess…

Lotte 7

Good Morning Baby Girl,

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

We had another busy week. We had coffee with your friends and their Mother’s on Wednesday. You had a nice time in your special outfit in the picture attached. You are very inquisitive and do not like to miss out on anything at the moment.

We also visited Dad at work and you loved that – Lots of smiles when you are in Dad’s arms.

Aunty A looked after you on Thursday night so Dad and I could go out for dinner. You were extremely well behaved and slept the whole time. Aunty A said she did not get much sleep though, as she kept going in to your room to make sure you were breathing!

We then went down to stay at Nonna and Poppy Roo’s house over the weekend. Dad went to Melbourne to work so we missed him but it was only for one day. You loved your time with Nonna and Poppy Roo and were such a good little girl while we all worked hard to prepare a surprise party for our very good family friend. The party went well and you looked very cute in your party dress.

A big moment for you last week was when you rolled over for the first time – you are a very clever girl. We also have moved you from the bassinet in the pram to the seat and you love it! You can see everything and do not miss a thing. You had a bit of a blockage last week (if you know what I mean) but you are back on track now and your digestion is working very well (lol).

Here are my thoughts for the past week – Last week there were two big issues raised in the media being 1. Parents smacking their children and 2. Parents refusing to vaccinate their children.

In relation to the first point: A mother was arrested for hitting her child on the head in public. I think this would be an extremely horrible situation to be in however I do think there is a difference between smacking a child on the bottom to smacking a child around or on the head. I am not against using smacking (when you are older) on the bottom as a form of discipline as long as it is not done in anger and also as long as there is age appropriate communication, with you, explaining what you did wrong and why smacking was a consequence of your actions.

In relation to number 2: A mother has recently posted her view in relation to vaccinations on Facebook and it was a very sad story of her losing her daughter because she was not vaccinated and contracted measles. This story has now sparked a debate about the “anti-vaccination movement”. My view is that if someone could give me a logical reason for not vaccinating their child then I would listen and form a view however I am yet to hear a logical explanation in this regard. I believe that parents have a right to parent their children how they see fit however when their decision starts to affect other children then that right should be taken away. I have read that California in the USA has now made it illegal to not vaccinate your child (due to an outbreak of measles after a child had them when visiting Disneyland in the USA). If Australia does not follow then I hope, at the very least, that there are schools and child care centres specifically designated for those children who remain unvaccinated, to protect the children that have been vaccinated.

Tip: All parents are faced with extremely hard decisions and every decision is made with your best interests at heart (even if you do not think so at the time).

On a lighter note, it is my Birthday tomorrow and I can’t wait to celebrate it for the first time with you.

All My Love,

Mum. Xxx

(13 weeks)


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