Forever In Love…

Charlotte (101)

To my Darling Baby Girl Charlotte.

I wanted to start a blog and then I had an idea that my blog would be for you. I will post my thoughts and little tips for you along the way and hope that you enjoy the posts when you read them for the first time.

You entered this world on 13 November 2014 at 8:07pm. You weighed 3.7kg and you were 49cm in length. Your father and I were very excited to meet you. Nona, Poppy Roo (a name he picked himself), Aunty A and Grandpa John all arrived at the hospital that evening. I will never forget the look on your Nona’s face the first time she held you nor the look on your father’s face when he carefully cut your umbilical cord.

Since your birth we have all had some wonderful moments together. Nona stayed with us for a few days when we arrived home from Palazzo Versace and we have just returned from three weeks at our beach house at Lennox Heads (you slept in a cot made by your great great grandfather and you were the fifth generation of Thomas’ to stay at the house). We had a lovely time and you had your first swim in the ocean at 9 weeks of age (country road swimmers of course).

We had a few shopping trips to Baby Sesame at Lennox – your father was not very happy but I think he thought you looked pretty cute. Also, Poppy Roo couldn’t resist buying you a Hedgehog lamp from the shop and you have had it on every night since. You have some pretty amazing accessories and outfits already!

Grandpa John just went back to the UK – I think he was one of the first voices that you recognised. He came over for three months so he could spend time with you after your birth. We will be seeing Grandpa John in Gibraltar, Spain in May 2015.

Dad has been to Chicago and back already this year and is taking us with him in March – it will be very cold so we will have to make sure you have enough warm clothes!

You have been sleeping from around 7pm to 7am with a 10pm dream feed for about 4 weeks which has been amazing!
You are also trying to talk to us (although we can’t really understand you) and are starting to crawl (and getting very frustrated that you can’t move fast enough).

My tip to you this week is to listen to your instincts. I have found that most people have an opinion about letting a baby cry/self settle versus the mother rocking the baby to sleep etc. Your dad and I made a joint decision to let you cry and self settle and you only grizzle for a couple of minutes before finding your thumb and settling yourself to sleep. The self settling has worked with you even though it may not work for other babies. I know there are other mother’s who have chosen the second option (not allowing their baby to cry) and their babies wake often and are not in a routine. You must always do what you feel is right.

Until next time, lots of Love,



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